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Welcome to Official Website of Manufacturing Company OLMIARMOUR

In recent years, the technology of hockey sticks manufacturing enables the players of any age and level to significantly increase the shot strength, speed and power. On a professional level, it has been proven that a hockey puck flying at a speed of 160 km/h has the same shock power as a 22 caliber bullet. At the same time, skate boots manufacturers are aimed to maximally reduce the boot weight and make the skate boots light and efficient. Nowadays the speed and rigidity in ice hockey have reached the highest level, thus the tasks of additional foot protection are very urgent. 

That is why the foot injuries trend has significantly increased in all ice hockey leagues all over the world in recent years. To meet the trend, we have the lightest and strongest possible protectors for skate boots developed to prevent foot (ankle) injuries that can be wrapped over any skate boot. Thermal molding ensures complete customization of a skate boot, and players will not perceive or notice the protectors on their skate boots. We recommend our protectors to all hockey players of any level.