Foot Protection for Ice Hoсkey Players

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24.01.2020 11:30

Ice hockey is a spectacular sport which triggers emotions both in sportsmen and supporters. However, the reverse side of it is a great number of injuries that put the players out of action.

One of the most frequent injuries among the ice hockey players is bruised or broken ankle. Such injury is caused by various game situations: shot blocking, hitting with a stick or a puck.

Contemporary scientific achievements allowed making the sticks incredibly light. The tool made of composite materials is only 400 grams! However, if the shot is produced using a proper technique, the puck may gain a speed of about 180 km/h that will be fatal for a hockey player blocking a shot.

Skates manufacturers are also at pains to lighten the design. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and materials, the boot weight is considerably reduced. But! It affects the level of foot protection. That’s why ankle injuries are so frequent during shot blocking. 

If an ice hockey player couldn’t avoid an injury, he needs X-ray or MRT imaging of his foot. There is no chance of continuing the game. In mild cases one can do with freezing, taping (application of dressing) and taking anti-inflammatory medicines, severe cases may require surgery. Recovery may take from one week to several months depending on the injury severity and its consequences.

No doubt injuries cause not only physical damage to a hockey player, but substantial emotional distress too. Players have to miss the practice drills and games and this may cause discomfort. Besides, hockey players may feel afraid of getting another injury. Thus, main tasks of the recovery process include the quickest possible getting into shape to start training together with the team and improving the psycho-emotional state of a hockey player.

In this case prophylactic measure includes use of protective wraps on skate boots that will soften a hit or prevent an injury.

 - Used by professional hockey players who prefer dynamic and aggressive style of playing and want to protect themselves from injuries.

 - Facilitate psychological recovery after the ankle injury, so far as a hockey player is self-assured and does not worry about his feet. Therefore, a hockey player is showing more efficient.

- Light, almost weightless protectors of durable material Lexan will help protect the foot both during shot blocking and when hit with a stick or skates.

- Customized to fit a boot using thermal molding that makes it imperceptible on a skate boot during a game.

-  We produce 5 models of protectors that differ in a degree of protection depending on a hockey player role model.

Secure yourself against injuries, choose reliable foot protection!