Modern Hockey Stick Technologies

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02.01.2020 16:13

Modern Hockey Stick Technologies 

Science and technology are moving on. Hockey sticks manufacturing is continuously improving. Specialists use emerging materials, introduce innovative solutions that help them to maximally implement the skills, slap shot and shot power..

Choosing a stick is a crucial moment for any hockey player. No matter whether you are a professional or an amateur. It is one of the keys to success on the ice.

Modern hockey sticks help a player boost the shooting power, show the puck-handling prowess, make a slap shot or a wrist shot more powerful. It is achieved due to using the increased shaft arching and state-of-the-art materials for sticks manufacturing.

Today market offers a wide range of sticks, therefore every hockey player can select a tool based on the specifics of his constitution, playing style, role, and many other parameters.

Right balance, resistance and elasticity of the handle are among the most important requirements to modern sticks. As they enable to achieve the best shot and slap shot accuracy and power.

For example, the lightning response to a quick wrist shot is provided by RibCor Trigger 3D or Bauer stick of Vapor series with QRT technology. They allow shaft optimisation loading process which enables shots to be the quickest possible, especially in confined spaces. The hockey stick material criteria is of no less importance. Professional hockey players prefer solid sticks manufactured of composite materials that have persistently stable characteristics, high strength and small weight. Composite sticks are manufactured of high-tech materials (carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, Kevlar, glass fiber) that enables the hockey players to perform at their best on the ice. Therefore, many professional hockey players prefer custom-made hockey sticks, as they are manufactured to meet the individual preferences and characteristics .

 However, even high-tech hockey sticks are unpredictable. Sometimes it serves for more than one season, but may break during a practice drill. For example, Alexander Ovechkin easily breaks several hockey sticks during one game.

Today hockey sticks are produced of different length and weight, and more than that - of different rigidity and curvature. All that makes an ice hockey player showing by far more confident, powerful and stronger, and more spectacular for fans.