Sales and Refunds


We thank you for choosing OLMI.

Sometimes it happens that the purchased product must be returned for one reason or another. Therefore, please read carefully the Return Terms of the product purchased on our Site.

How to Return a Purchase

Return term

The buyer has the right to refuse the ordered product at any time before receiving it. If the buyer finds a non-conformity of the goods in terms of parameters or characteristics, the buyer has the right to refuse to accept the goods within 14 (fourteen) days from the moment of its receipt.

Terms of return

The return of the product of proper quality is only possible if the buyer simultaneously fulfills the following conditions:

  • preservation of the appearance of the product: it must not be unused, all tags and labels must be stored on the product;
  • preservation of consumer properties of the product, such as technical, economic and aesthetic qualities of the product;
  • complete completeness of the product, its accessories, as well as documents related to the product (technical passport, operating manual, etc.)

Product returns can be rejected in the following cases:

  • product has traces of operation (including thermoforming of product);
  • the product is no longer marketable, consumer properties are not preserved;
  • a product of inadequate quality (inoperable, damaged) was presented;
  • a product from a list of non-food products of appropriate quality that are not subject to return or exchange for similar goods of other sizes, shapes, sizes, styles, colours or complete sets.

Attention! Returns are paid for at the buyer's expense.

How to return payment?

If the buyer refuses the product, the seller shall return the amount paid to the buyer under the contract, except for the seller's shipping costs from the buyer of the returned goods, not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of the buyer's claim.

How to make a refund

You must notify you of your intention to return or exchange the product within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt.

To return the product, you need:

  • call us at +7 (812) 647-00-79, give us the order number and the reason for the return.
  • return the item to the company address: 12-1 Mebelnaya St, Office 210,
    Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, 197374

We receive the product from the carrier company, check them for compliance with the terms of return and inform you of our decision. This procedure can take 1 to 2 business days.

Please note that when you receive cargo from the carrier company, the package is checked for defects. If there are defects in the packaging that caused the damage to the product, then we will not be able to return the money.

We are not responsible for the safety of the product when delivered by the buyer to the seller and all claims are made to the carrier company, which damaged the product during the delivery process.